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Ceremonial celebrations in Labina (Croatia)

02 March 2020

On Sunday, March 1 this year, a delegation from the State Mining Authority headed by the president of SMA Adam Mirek took part in the meeting on the 99th anniversary of the so-called Republic of Labin.
In this city, located in the south-east of Istria, until the end of the 1990s, an underground hard coal mine operated in which about 40 million tons of coal was extracted. Guided by the desire to mark the mining history of the city, the shaft tower structure was restored together with some glazing buildings, the ceremonial opening of which took place on the day of the said jubilee.
During the ceremony, President Adam Mirek, under the authority of Adam Gawęda, Secretary of State in the Ministry of State Assets, handed over the diploma of granting the rank of General Honorary Mining Director to Tulio Demetlik, a local politician, member of the Croatian Parliament.
Valter Glavičić, the mayor of Labin, presented SMA representatives with prospects related to the possibility of making the underground part of the mine excavations available for tourist purposes.
The honorary consul of Croatia, Andrzej Żylak, who was also one of the initiators of this meeting, looked after the Polish delegation during the entire stay.

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