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International co-operation

Participation at EU Working Groups

Employees of the State Mining Authority are members and actively participate in the work of the following working groups at European Commission and Council:

  • Standing Working Party for Mining and Other Extractive Industries of the Advisory Committe on Safety and Health at Work
  • Council Working Party on the Environment
  • LVD Administrative Cooperation Group
  • ATEX/ADCO Group

Market Surveillance

As a European Union member, Poland has to ensure that the conformity assessment system based on the New Approach Directives works efficiently. It is performed by means of market surveillance system compliant with the EU-requirements, providing basic requirements, conformity assessment procedures and methods of marking. The guidelines of the market surveillance system were established in Poland in 2001. They formed the basis for provisions concerning market surveillance of products listed in the Act of August 30, 2002 on conformity assessment which concerns also products designed for use in mining plants. According to the above mentioned Act, the President of the State Mining Authority is the specialized body to perform the market surveillance of products designed for use in mining plants.

Recognition of Professional Qualifications

President of the State Mining Authority is appointed to recognise the regulated mining profession qualifications attained in EU member countries. That competency is connected with the implementation into the Polish legal system the 89/48/EEC Directive on a general system for the recognition of higher-education diplomas awarded on completion of professional education and training of at least three years duration as well as the 92/51/EEC Directive on a second general system for the recognition of professional education and training to supplement 89/48/EEC Directive. Those were enforced by virtue of the Act of April 26, 2001 on the rules of recognition of the regulated profession qualifications attained in member countries of the European Union.

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