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Mission and Vision


We provide public service with the aim to improve miners' health and safety, ensure sustainable management of deposits and reduce the negative impact of the extractive industry on people and the environment.


Mining authorities are perceived as a specialist and citizen-friendly institution. We plan and work using modern tools. Our experts control and advise. We solve problems of Polish mining.

Scope of responsibilities

The President of State Mining Authority, district mining offices and Specialized Mining Office supervise mining plant operations, especially in respect of:

  • health and safety at work, and fire protection,
  • mine rescue,
  • management of mineral deposits during the process of extraction,
  • environment protection and deposit management, 
  • mining damage prevention, 
  • mining plant construction and closure, including land reclamation and development of post mining areas.

Wyższy Urząd Górniczy

ul. Poniatowskiego 31, 40-055 Katowice
tel. +48 32 736 17 00

tel. +48 32 736 17 47
tel. +48 32 251 14 71
fax: +48 32 251 48 84

Godziny pracy urzędu:

poniedziałek - piątek
7.00 - 15.00
wtorek (Kancelaria Główna i Archiwum Dokumentacji Mierniczo-Geologicznej)
7.00 - 18.00