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Field workshops in Ukraine

28 October 2019

On October 20-27 this year representatives of the Department of Environmental Protection and Deposit Management of the State Mining Authority took part in field workshops devoted to the geological structure of the Crystal Shield of Ukraine. The workshops were organized by the Geological Faculty of the Dnieper University of Technology. Participants in the city of Dnieper (Dnipro) had the opportunity to learn about the history of the university, individual cathedrals, as well as visit the Mineralogy Museum and the Historical Museum. In addition, as part of their practical classes, they explored the Poltava Iron Ore Combine FERREXPO Iron Ore, pegmatite, granitoid and granodiorite excavations in the villages of: Jelicyjewka, Shevchenko and Andvirka in the Azov Sea region, outcrops of gold-bearing deposits in metamorphic rocks, around metamorphic rocks granitoid in Zaporozhye, Starokudacki granite quarry and Quaternary loess gorges near the village of Voloskie.
During the workshops there was also a meeting with representatives of the local Polish community and supporters of Poland at the Center for Ukrainian-Polish Cooperation.
The event ended with a solemn meeting with the Rector of the Dnieper University of Technology, during which participants received certificates of completion of workshops.
The participation of Polish representatives contributed to the exchange of professional experience between geologists from Poland and Ukraine. It also allowed him to become acquainted with lithological education and stratigraphy of granite layers of the Ukrainian Shield and with rock materials mined there.

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