International Activities

Meeting of the Heads of European Mining Supervison Authorities

A particular platform for the exchange of opinions and to talk about newest developments regarding health and safety in mining is the annual Meeting of the Heads of European Mining Supervision Authorities. Initiated in 1995 by the Management of the Czech Mining Authority, this valuable conference gathers each year professionals and managers from mining authorities from EU and EU candidate countries. The 2nd Meeting took place in Katowice in October 1996 and the 10th Anniversary Meeting was held in Wrocław in June 2004. The participants of the 15th Meeting in Tallin, Estonia agreed that the 17th Meeting shall take place in Poland in 2011.

12th Meeting, Great Britain,
Buxton, June 2006
13th Meeting, România,
Călimăneşti and Petroşani
June 2007
14th Meeting, Slovenia, Bled
June 2008
15th Meeting, Estonia, Tallin
June/July 2009

Bilateral Relations with Foreign Mining Authorities

State Mining Authority’s cooperation with its foreign counterparts focuses on knowledge exchange and experience comparison. Its scope is to bring together mining engineers to learn from each other in order to resolve technical problems and improve the health and safety in mining. Moreover, SMA provides interested non-EU member states with knowledge about the incorporation of the provisions of European Union directives regarding mining into a Poland's domestic law as well as about other issues regarding EU membership.

Visit of the Ukrainian State Committee of Health and Safety at Work delegation,
May 2009
Albanian delegation in SMA,
May 2009
Visit of the Presidents of mining authorities from Czech Republic and Germany (Brandenburg and Saxony), May 2009
Polish-Ukrainian seminar on safety issues in hard coal mining, December 2009

Participation in International Conferences and Seminars

Representatives of the SMA participate in international conferences and seminars to strengthen their knowledge in the field of the newest achievements regarding health and safety in mining as well as to present SMA’s achievements in this field.


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