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A commemorative obelisk for the Czech miners

20 December 2019

On 20 December 2019, the anniversary of the methane explosion in the Czech ČSM Stonava Mine, a monument was unveiled to commemorate 13 miners who died a year ago in the disaster. The explosion killed 12 Poles. The obelisk stood in the centre of Stonava. The ceremony was attended by, among others, representatives of the Czech and Polish governments, families of the deceased miners and rescuers participating in the action. The ceremonial unveiling of the monument, at the invitation of the Czech Mining Authority, was also attended by representatives of the State Mining Authority.

The accident in the Czech ČSM Stonava Mine near Karviná took place on 20 December 2018 in the northern part of the mine. The ignition and explosion of methane over 800 meters underground claimed the lives of 13 miners, including 12 Poles.

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