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Chinese delegation introduced to the operation of Polish Mining Authorities

22 June 2018

On Friday, 22nd June the State Mining Authority hosted the delegation of the Chinese State Administration of Coal Mine Safety (SACMS) led by the SACMS Deputy Administrator Mr Yang Fu. The SACMS delegation was greeted by the Vice president of the State Mining Authority Mr Krzysztof Król.

During the meeting, which was chaired by the SMA's Vice president Mr Krzysztof Król, the guests were introduced to Polish Mining Authorities organization and competences, rules and regulations pertaining to mining plant supervision and the results of Polish Mining Authorities actions in 2017 as well as the main hazards which occur in Polish mining.

Director of the SMA's Department of Work Conditions and Training Mr Piotr Kakula presented statistical data regarding accidents in Polish mining and discussed their main causes in recent years.

The Chinese delegates were also very interested in issues of natural hazards which occur in Polish mines, supervision, training of supervisory staff and imposing sanctions on persons responsible for safety in mining plants.

The SACMS delegation declared that it will pursue further cooperation with the SMA.

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