About Monthly

Work Safety and Environmental Protection in Mining

(Work Safety and Environmental Protection in Mining)

The journal was founded in 1992. In the years 1992-1995 it was published as a quarterly of the State Mining Authority (SMA) and in 1996 was transformed into a monthly.

Within its pages you will find articles by mining researchers, professionals and mining authorities’ inspectors. We are one of a few scientific and technological journals that present current problems of the Polish mining industry. The journal gives information on the latest developments in technologies that impact health, safety and environmental protection in mining. We publish descriptions of fatal and serious accidents in the Polish mining. The monthly helps to popularize organizational and legal problems and to keep up with legislative changes. Our authors also cover the issues of implementation of EU directives to Polish legislation.

The journal’s circulation reaches 500 copies monthly. The majority of our readers are mining professionals, researchers from institutes and universities, civil servants and mining equipment producers. We send our journal to the SMA’s counterparts in Australia, Czech Republic, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine and USA.

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