Mining Rescue Services


Polish mine rescue system is based on:

  • mine operators’ rescue services;
  • Central Mines Rescue Station in Bytom and other specialized rescue units.

The main task of these services is to provide rescue for the miners and for the mines that are endangered in case of underground fires, gas and coal dust explosion, gas and rock outbursts, rock falls, sudden inrush of water to the mining excavations, blow-outs, technical failures, hazards to public safety. They also take part in clear-up operations and restoring safe working conditions.

The tasks of specialized mine rescue units, apart from rescue operations, include:

  • training on mine rescue;
  • medical examination of mine rescuers;
  • testing and assessment of mine rescue equipment.

Each mine rescue unit must fulfil requirements on conducting mine rescue operations that include having:

  • qualified mine rescue teams and specialized emergency teams that are ready for action at any moment;
  • equipment necessary for rescue operations.
Specialized mine rescue services in Poland
Centralna Stacja Ratownictwa Górniczego w Bytomiu
Central Mines Rescue Station in Bytom
specialized, nationwide, state-owned company
Jednostka Ratownictwa Górniczo-Hutniczego, KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.
Emergency Mine-Smelter Rescue Services Unit, KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.
its tasks include all types of mine, smelter and other industrial-related rescue activities
Ratownicza Stacja Górnictwa Otworowego in Krakow
Rescue Station of Bore-Hole Mining in Krakow
provides mine rescue services to plants that extract and explore for oil and gas


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