Mining Heritage

The early days of mining in Poland date back to the Stone Age (flint mine in Krzemionki). Since the tenth century salt has been mined in Wieliczka and iron ore has been extracted in varoius regions of today's Poland. In the twelfth century silver and lead ore have been mined in the area around Bytom (Upper Silesia) and a hundred years later near Olkusz. Gold mining developed in the thirteenth century, mostly in Lower Silesia and Małopolska region. The first mention of coal mining in Poland is in the sixteenth century. However, extraction of hard coal developed only in the second part of eighteenth century, when coal started to be used in the iron and non-ferrous metallurgy. Eleven of still active coal mines were opened in the eighteenth century, like the Murcki mine in Katowice (opened in 1657).

Source: Górnictwo. Dzieje w Polsce. Nowa encyklopedia powszechna PWN


Mining in Poland has a rich history. Let us guide you through the world of Polish ancient mines. We invite you to learn more about the history of Polish mining on the websites of museums of mining listed below.

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