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Chairmanship of the State Mining Authority in the ATEX AdCo Group

7 December 2021

On 2 December this year, during a meeting of the ATEX AdCo group, the State Mining Authority was entrusted with the chairmanship of the group, which will be represented by Roman Sąsiadek - Deputy Director of the Department of Energy and Mechanical Engineering.

ATEX AdCo is the European working group for administrative cooperation in the area of Directive 2014/34/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 February 2014 on the harmonisation of the laws of the Member States relating to equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. It is composed of representatives of the market surveillance authorities of the Member States.

The group was set up to, among others:

  • achieve a uniformly high level of enforcement of relevant EU legislation,
  • exchange information between Member States' authorities on national market surveillance mechanisms and solutions adopted,
  • to implement good market surveillance practices, to exchange experiences and to solve practical problems related to market surveillance.
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