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St. Barbara's Day Mass for mine workers and their families

25 November 2021

Due to the country's epidemic situation resulting from the threat of Covid-19 virus infection, this year's St. Barbara's Day celebrations of the State Mining Authority were limited only to a mass for the intention of mining supervisory employees and their families. The service took place on 25 November at the Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Katowice.

The prayer was led by the Metropolitan Archbishop of Katowice, Archbishop Wiktor Skworc, who also gave the homily. Together with the Archbishop, the Mass was concelebrated by the parish priest, Father Andrzej Nowicki.

During the Mass, as in previous years, we presented the parish priest with a donation from the mine supervisors for the children being cared for by the Catholic Children's Foundation. On behalf of the management of the State Mining Authority, the President of the State Mining Authority, Dr. Adam Mirek, thanked the Archbishop Wiktor Skwoc and Father Andrzej Nowicki for the service and the safe work wishes addressed to the mining supervisory staff.

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