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European Mining Authorities sharing knowledge and experiences

28 September 2018

24th Meeting of the Heads of European Mining Authorities was held from 24th to 25th September 2018 in Salzburg, Austria. The topic of this year’s Meeting, which gathered representatives from 13 European countries, was Emergency Planning and Crisis Response in Surface and Underground Mining Operations. Polish delegation to the Meeting was led by the President of the State Mining Authority Mr Adam Mirek.

During the Meeting the representatives of the State Mining Authority presented issues concerning emergency planning and crisis response in Polish underground mining plants and briefly discussed the accident rate and main causes of accidents in Polish mining.

The main goal of the Meetings, hosted each year by a different institution responsible for mining supervision, is to exchange knowledge and experiences as well as disseminate best practices in regard to regulations and issues concerning mining.

The next Meeting will take place in Brandenburg, Germany and will address the topic of “Community and Environmental Protection in Active and Abandoned Mines and Quarries”.

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