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Installation of a jubilee time capsule of the State Mining Authority

22 December 2022

The final days of 2022 coincide with the completion of the centenary celebrations of the mining supervisory authorities in independent Poland. A commemorative time capsule ceremony was held on 22 December.

As part of the jubilee, a celebratory academy was held in June this year, which was also the occasion for the publication of a book and album, presenting the history, present day and future plans of the institution and mining supervisory personnel. A series of posters, presenting the history and present day of the office, appeared within the WUG headquarters in Katowice on Poniatowskiego Street. A magnificent medal was minted to commemorate the occasion, a new banner was sewn and a film was prepared, which was premiered at the June academy.

One of the initiatives related to the celebrations was also the preparation of a commemorative time capsule. It features, among others, copies of legal acts related to the establishment of the WUG, an extensive service of historical and contemporary photographs, a number of publications prepared on the occasion of the anniversary and commemorative medals and gadgets. The ceremonial installation of the capsule took place on 22 December this year. It was placed at the main entrance to the office in a specially prepared locker, which is secured by a commemorative plate.

The outside of the capsule is engraved with the names of those currently heading the WUG - President Adam Mirek, his deputies Krzysztof Król and Piotr Wojtacha, and Director General Krystyna Samek-Skwara.

The capsule is made of stainless, acid-resistant steel with enhanced corrosion resistance. The design ensures that it is fully sealed and protected against extreme temperatures, oils, greases, alcohols, fats, salt solutions, oxygen, ozone and low-temperature water. It should be open in 100 years.

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