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Signing of cooperation agreement with the Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection

14 December 2022

On Wednesday, 14 December, an agreement was officially signed at the headquarters of the State Mining Authority (WUG) in Katowice between the WUG and the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection (GIOŚ) on cooperation between the two entities within the scope of their respective competences and statutory tasks, in particular through:

  • the exchange of information, reports and conclusions resulting from the analysis of problems of national importance for the environment;
  • mutual communication of irregularities found during audits which fall within the competence of the other Party;
  • carrying out coordinated control activities at mining sites;
  • informing and inviting to training courses, symposia, scientific conferences and practical exercises organised by the Parties.

The agreement was signed by WUG President Dr. Adam Mirek and Magda Gosk, Acting Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection, who said, among other things:
We are very pleased with the signing of the new agreement. This will allow our institutions to cooperate even better at central and field level and counteract violations of environmental regulations. The Silesian region is very close to us, and we want to take care of our environment together.

In addition, representatives from both units attended the event: WUG First Vice-President Dr Krzysztof Król, WUG Second Vice-President Piotr Wojtacha, Director of the Department of Environmental Protection and Deposit Management Piotr Kujawski, Bogusława Madej Chief Specialist at the Department of Environmental Protection and Deposit Management, Stanisław Bartosik Director of the Office of Social Communication, and Krzysztof Gołębiewski Acting Deputy Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection.

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