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Report on the activities of mining authorities in 2022

19 April 2023

The State Mining Authority summarised the activities of mining authorities in 2022. The document is cyclical and for years it provided information on, among others, administrative, control, repressive, legislative, information and publishing activities of mining authorities.

Individual chapters are devoted to the cooperation of mining authorities with state administrative authorities and other public institutions, cooperation with foreign countries, and organisation and management in mining authorities.

The year 2022 was special for the State Mining Authority and its subordinate units in several fundamental respects. After a long period of threats caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the normal mode of work was restored and the performance of statutory tasks was resumed without any difficulties or emergency measures.

Jubilee celebrations were held on the occasion of 100 years of existence of Polish mining supervision authorities. Unfortunately, this exceptional time was marked by two tragic events that occurred a few days apart in the “Zofiówka” and “Pniówek” mining plants, belonging to Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa.

Two commissions consisting of numerous experts, scientists, representatives of the social side and many institutions were appointed to investigate the circumstances of these events. In the case of the events in the “Pniówek” mine, these works are still being carried out.
Organisational changes that took place in the mining supervision authorities were a very important issue last year. Due to the decreasing number of hard coal mines, the District Mining Office in Gliwice was closed, and its duties were taken over by the District Mining Offices in Katowice and Rybnik.

In September last year, the State Mining Authority organised and hosted a major cyclical international event - the 26th Meeting of the Heads of European Mining Authorities. It was attended by delegations from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Great Britain, and Ukraine. A representative of the European Union was also present.

The year 2023 is a time of new challenges and plans. However, this will not change the mission of the mining supervision authorities. The priority of the institution’s activities will remain broadly understood occupational safety and protection of health and life in the mining industry.

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