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Szkoła Górnictwa Odkrywkowego 2023

6 September 2023

Szkoła Górnictwa Odkrywkowego (School of Open Pit Mining) is a periodic scientific and technical conference organized by the "Nauka i Tradycje Górnicze" Foundation and the Stanislaw Staszic University of Science and Technology in Krakow, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Resource Management of the Department of Mining Engineering and Occupational Safety. The 10th edition of the School of Open Pit Mining was held in Wisła on 4-6 September.

The main purpose of the conference is to transfer the latest knowledge on practical issues in open-pit mining and to exchange experiences in order to develop so-called "good practices" in mining. During the 2023 edition, special emphasis was placed on presenting issues related to:

  • safe extraction of minerals and minimization of natural hazards;
  • the country's raw materials policy and issues of access to deposits;
  • the latest regulations in open pit mining;
  • the operation of open-pit mining plants;
  • obtaining environmental decisions and mining licenses;
  • modern technical solutions in rock and lignite mines;
  • reclamation and revitalization of post-mining areas;
  • methods of using combustion by-products.

Participants of the conference included the president of the State Mining Authority, Adam Mirek PhD, SMA vice-presidents Krzysztof Król PhD and Piotr Wojtacha, as well as, among others: representatives of the Mining Department of the State Mining Authority, district mining offices, representatives of scientific and research institutions related to mining, and employees of open-pit mines, as well as technical support companies.

The 2023 School of Open Pit Mining has received honorary patronages from: The Minister of State Assets, the Minister of Climate and Environment, the President of the State Mining Authority, the Chancellor of the University of Science and Technology, the President of the Association of Mining Engineers and Technicians, and the Chairman of the Mining Committee with the Polish Academy of Sciences.

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