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The Chinese interested in cooperation with the Polish mining supervisory authorities

13 September 2019

On 13 September 2019,  the State Mining Authority hosted a six-person Chinese delegation from the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety of the Ministry of Emergency Management of the People's Republic of China, headed by Gui Laibao - Deputy Administrator of the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety of the Ministry of Emergency Management.

During the meeting, which was opened by the President of the State Mining Authority, the guests were presented with the organisation and competences of the mining supervisory authorities in Poland, the rules of conducting control activities by the mining authorities and the results of their work. 

The representatives of the Chinese delegation were particularly interested in: issues concerning natural hazards occurring in Polish mines, the manner of conducting inspections in mining plants, preventive actions taken in the field of occupational safety in mining industry and the types of sanctions imposed by the mining supervisory authorities in case of breaching occupational health and safety regulations in mining plants.  

Gui Laibao emphasised the role of the long-term cooperation between both countries in the exchange of experience in the field of functioning of mining supervisory authorities, its tasks and activities undertaken to improve the safety of miners' work. Furthermore, he admitted that due to the size of China's mining industry, which currently consists of 5700 mines across the country, there is still much room for improvement in terms of safety. Polish patterns and experience are an important source of knowledge, as 90% of accidents and dangerous incidents in Chinese mines are still caused by the so-called human factor.

Representatives of the Chinese mining industry have been visiting our country for years in order to get familiarised with technological, administrative and scientific solutions related to Polish mines. The meeting in the State Mining Authority ended with a mutual declaration of further cooperation and exchange of experience between the parties.

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