Copper and silver ores

The deposit area of copper ore in Poland runs from the town of Lubin in the south east to the town of Bytom Odrzański (area 60 kms long and 20 kms wide). In fact it is a one deposit with three mines in operation: "Lubin", "Polkowice-Sieroszowice" and "Rudna".

Total copper ore output in 2003 amounted to 25,670 thousand tons, which contained 612 thousand tons of copper and 1561 tons of silver.

Apart from metallic copper the other elements recovered from copper ore include Ag, Au, Ni, Pb, Pt-Pd, Se, Zn. Of these the recovery of silver is of the highest economic significance.

Technically and economically feasible resources of copper and silver ore are estimated at 2,340.65 million tons, whereas those that are deemed not feasible amount to 631.48 million tons. Commercial reserves of copper ore (containing both copper and silver) are estimated at 793.03 million tons.

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