The largest lignite deposits in Poland are in Bełchatów (central Poland). Almost 60 % of domestic lignite output comes from those deposits. The rest of Poland's demand is met by production from the Turów deposit near Bogatynia and from deposits in the Konin region: Pątnów, Lubstów and Adamów. Opening out work is being done in the Szczerców field of the Bełchatów deposit. Total lignite output in 2003 amounted to 60,923 thousand tons.

Balance resources of lignite in Poland amount to 13,685 million tons, of that 0.8 million tons bituminous lignite, 3,013 million tons briquette lignite and 1,875 million tons tar lignite. All of the resources, however, are utilised and treated as lignite for power generation. Lignite is used by "Adamów", "Bełchatów", "Konin", "Pątnów" and "Turów" power plants. Commercial reserves of lignite in Poland are estimated at 1,635.12 million tons and nearly all of them may be utilised.

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