President of the State Mining Authority - Mr Adam Mirek

Adam Mirek,EngD

Adam Mirek was born on 26th January 1957 in Tychy. He graduated from the Faculty of Geology and Exploration of AGH University of Science and Technology, where he had been studying from 1976 to 1981. In 2001, he completed a post-graduate course in administration and management in mining at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Silesia. In 2002, he was granted his PhD title by the Faculty of Mining of AGH University of Science and Technology.

He began his professional career in 1981 in hard coal mining plant "Ziemiowit". From 1981 to 1987 he worked as a mining manager for geophysics in hard coal mining plant "Bobrek" and for the next 8 years in hard coal mining plant "Sośnica", where he established — designed and organized — the Department of Rock Bursts.

In 1995, he moved on to work in the State Mining Authority, where he was employed as a main specialist - Head of Seismic and Rock Burst Hazard Team. In 2006, he was appointed Director of the District Mining Office in Wrocław and in 2008 Deputy Director of the SMA's Department of Mining and following that Director of the said Department.

During this period his duties included supervision over managing natural and technical hazards in underground, open-pit and borehole mining. He did also participate in the works surrounding the amendment of the Geological and Mining Law and executive regulations for this law. He was the SMA President's representative in the Commissions for Rock Bursts, Support and Roof Control in Mining Plants Extracting Hard Coal and Copper Ore and for Surface Protection. In addition, he was a member of the Commissions for Natural Hazards in Underground Mining Plants Extracting Hard Coal as well as in Underground Mining Plants Extracting Copper Ore appointed by the President of the State Mining Authority.

He supervised rescue efforts several times.

He participated in the works of commissions appointed by the President of the State Mining Authority for investigation of rock bursts, rock falls, outburst of gases and rocks and group accidents associated with them in "Zabrze-Bielszowice" (1996), "Lubin" (1998, 1999 and 2003) and "Rudna" (1999, 2005, 2007, 2016) mining plants.

From 2005 he is an expert witness for mining and geology for the Regional Courts in Katowice, Gliwice and Legnica.

From 2013 to 2017 he worked in the Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG as an Assistant Professor - Main Engineer for Geophysics.

He is a member of the Minister of the Environment's Mining Council and the Scientific Boards of the Central Mining Institute and the Institute of Mining Technology KOMAG.

As an author and a co-author he published more than 70 papers on mining, geomechanics, geophysics and law issues regarding mining.

Married. Has a daughter, a son and a granddaughter.

His passions are music, history, poetry and mountain tourism.

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